Monday, March 29, 2010

Think & Feel your way to a Better Body...(No Age Requirements to master this one!)

by Maria Lesetz of Lovin’ Life, Law of Attraction Health Coach

If you have arrived at this Perrie Meno-Pudge website, you are most likely a woman in mid-life who is drawn to the humor this lively character shares with all of us about the trials and tribulations that we as women experience as we get older and wiser!  Key in on that word “wiser” .. because it is so true!

The older we get, the better we get.  I embrace that belief … do you?

I loved the pun in the name “Perri Meno-Pudge” where “pudge” tends to tap into that body change that can occur as we age.

However, I am here to share with you that you don’t have to buy into any belief about aging and how that negatively impacts our bodies.  That’s just a belief that you can choose to embrace or throw in the proverbial garbage can!

What you think and feel about your body, physical fitness level and the foods you eat correlates 100% with the results you get. You get what you think about … each and every time!  So, if you are focused on your “out of shape” & “Perri Meno Pudge” body and looking in the mirror saying “ugh … my thighs are fat” .. well, what do you think you are going to get more of?  Yes, more thunder thighs for you (whether you work out or not)!

You mean “I can just choose a different thought and I will become thin & fit?”  Well, YES!  (And the feeling behind your thoughts is what determines your success!)

What you think & feel about your body and the foods you eat is all energy.  You are sending a message out into the Universe, typically giving attention to the exact thing you don’t want.  The Law of Attraction states:

 “The essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn.” ~ Abraham-Hicks. 

So, if are you feeling disappointed with the current shape of your body, more disappointment is on its way (and that may be in other areas of your life too!).  Think of an Olympic athlete: What do you think they focus on more: the ultimate outcome they desire or the times they haven’t been at their best?  If they have that Olympic medal, you know that they focus on the desired outcome and FEEL it to the very core of their being.  They couldn’t get caught up in the times when they didn’t do their very best and were not in their prime shape.  If they did that, it would change how they feel, shift their energy and ultimately attract “losing” as opposed to “winning”. 

Understanding the way the Law of Attraction works is quite empowering!  Once you get it, you are well on your way to that healthy & fit body you desire, no matter what age you are!  Matter of fact … it’s a “Done Deal”!  That’s the decision you must make in order to achieve your fitness goal. 

This is one of my favorite quotes that I share with clients of my coaching practice

“Being Healthy doesn’t make you Happy –
being Happy makes you Healthy!”

Think about it, if you are choosing to focus on the body you currently have and are making judgments about it (not liking it very much), are you really happy?  No.  You are focused on what you don’t want which makes you feel emotions that are more towards the negative end of the emotional scale.  You can’t be truly happy if you are focused on the negatives!  So, I teach my coaching clients how to choose happiness first and as a result, great health & wellness will follow.

A client of my weight loss coaching services came to me with the intention to lose weight and become more fit.  However, she was judging herself so much when she “slipped up” and ate something that she was told by her Naturopath that she shouldn’t eat, that her feelings of guilt, disappointment, frustration were actually the things that were hindering her success.  It wasn’t about her age or what she was eating or whether she was exercising or not, it was about how she felt during this whole process and how aligned she was with her natural well-being.  Once she learned how to relax about it all (including the foods she was eating) and be kinder to herself, she started making choices that were aligned with wellness and felt better to her.  She was happier on a more regular basis, so as a result, she was making healthier choices for her body!

Beating up on yourself is a great way to put a barrier between you and what you want. 
It’s a negative vibration that conflicts with who you really are.

Here are some Health Coaching tips to help you to Think & Feel your way to a better body:

1)   Pay more attention to “what you are thinking and feeling” than “what you are eating or how you are exercising”.  If you are buying into that “pudge” mentality at mid-life, you will create that exact experience.  And I know you don’t want that! Always guide your emotions to a better feeling place and you will make the right choice for your overall health.

2)   Focus on the progress you are making not the gap between where you are and where you want to go.  If you lost 2 lbs, jump for joy! Don’t feel “oh, I have 48 more to go”.  Can you feel where the focus is?  It doesn’t feel so good, does it?  It’s about being OK with where you are at, feeling appreciative for what is working & eagerly anticipating the manifestation of your ultimate goal.  Even if you gained some weight over the years, be OK with it.  Accept yourself for who you are right now.  Making peace with were you are at is so critical to opening up the doors to achieving your goals and desires. Remember … what you resist, persists!

3)   Don’t weigh yourself if you know it’s potentially going to set your mood for the day (in the negative).  I tell my coaching clients all the time that if “taking score of where you are at” makes you feel bad … then don’t do it!  Shift your focus to something that makes you feel better.  Most people don’t step on the scale waiting with eager anticipation for the scale to reveal a number that will thrill them. They have more of a “doubt”, “concern”, “hoping”, type of feeling.  I know … I used to be 70 lbs heavier and let the scale rule my day.  If the number was pleasing to me, I was happy; if the number was something I didn’t want, it set my mood for the day.  I finally learned that reaching for a better feeling all the time and focusing only on what was working & making a decision that this was a done deal, were the keys to my success. You can read more about my journey here:

4)   DECIDE.... yes, this tip sounds very simple -- but it works.  If you truly decide that you will have that fit body- it’s yours … you WILL have it!  Now, here's the key --- you REALLY have to DECIDE -- which means, there are no other options; you will not be thrown off your game.  It's a "Hell, Yes! This is happening!" kind of decision.  Nothing will stop you from achieving this goal because you are eagerly EXPECTING the manifestation of it! 

5)   Always remember that feeling “stressed” is a choice.  Stress will negatively impact your overall health & well-being.  Feeling stressed is a negative feeling that resonates with every cell of your body.  If you feel blessed & appreciate where you are at, you can’t feel stressed.  So appreciate more & choose to be Lovin’ Life Now and you will be well on your way to a happy & healthy body!!!

And remember ladies that these tips do not only apply to your weight and physical fitness level.  If there are some “symptoms” or health “issues” that have presented themselves at this time of your life, don’t buy into the belief that you have to experience those symptoms because you are “at that age” (like many doctors may tell you).  That’s simply baloney!  You can manifest great health simply by shifting your mindset.  To listen to my Top 7 Tips to Attracting Great Health using the Laws of Attraction, visit www.RoadTriptoWellness and sign up (free of charge) to receive the link to the recording of this popular Law of Attraction and Health Teleclass!
Maria Lesetz is The Law of Attraction Health Coach and founder of Lovin’ Life – a coaching company that specializes in facilitating powerful, personal transformations in physical and emotional well-being. She publishes a bi-weekly Lovin' Life ezine jam-packed with tips to help you reduce stress, lose weight, overcome challenges with a chronic health condition, experience more joy each day, and make conscious choices in your life that will help you to manifest all your desires and dreams! Visit for your free subscription, and as a special bonus you'll receive The Top 5 tips to Worrying Less, plus you'll get exclusive access to an audio interview with Maria on The Happy-Healthy Connection: The Law of Attraction Way to create your ideal body!

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Perrie’s Planetarium – Spring Equinox 2010

Midlife Sky Hints with 
Astrologer Joyce Mason

Welcome to Perrie’s Planetarium! We meet here quarterly at the changes of seasons with our virtual telescopes to stargaze! This helps remind us learn how we interconnect with everything and everyone under the stars.

For more on how Perrie’s Planetarium works, visit the original Planetarium post from Winter Solstice 2009, especially if this is your first visit.

The Planetarium Outlook for the season provides a bigger picture than reading your horoscope on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. Consider this stop a step back for a broader perspective.  At our mid-stage of life’s journey, that broader vantage point compensates for the inconveniences of growing older. Instead of aging, a bigger viewpoint makes it “cool saging!”

Spring.  It’s the Natural New Year in the Northern Hemisphere where spring arrived on March 20.  Ever wonder why New Year’s Resolutions often fail? Starting them in winter is off-cycle with natural rhythms. Think of planting in snowy hard ground. How difficult would it be for a seed to survive much less bloom? Same goes for the seeds of our creations.  

By contrast, in spring seeds are bursting with growth energy.  It’s the same with us. The natural year begins at Spring Equinox. Revisit and re-do your resolutions and intentions now.  Plant them for blooming in summer and harvesting in autumn. Light increases from now till Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year—and our next Perrie Planetarium update. Bring to light what you want out of life!

General Sky: Spring Equinox -  2010

Sky patterns help us recognize we’re in this world together under the same stars.  We can support ourselves and each other through yet another cycle of life with its ups-and-downs and opportunities.  But to seize those opportunities, we need to identify them.

Here are the most notable patterns in the spring sky:

Mars Direct.  After a long Retrograde (apparent backward motion in the sky), Mars finally went forward on March 10.  If things just wouldn’t move for you, seemed stuck, and you couldn’t get projects off the ground, that spell is over. See Mercury Retrograde, below, for short-term exceptions. Consider waiting to start a business, a major marketing campaign, a marriage or a divorce until mid-May—or sneak it in before Mercury goes retrograde on April 17.

Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times a year for three-plus weeks at a crack. This Mercury Retro lasts from April 17 till May 11.  Communications and the equipment that carries them tend to go haywire. The best thing you can bring to this temporary condition is a sense of humor. (See Gear Down and Jest Humor Mercury Retrograde.) It’s advisable to avoid signing contracts or starting brand-new ventures and to be careful on short trips.  (Exceptions noted in my Mercury Retrograde article.) Car repairs often crop up (good time for a vehicle check-up), and you may be minor accident-prone. Mercury also rules the mind as well as the tongue, so “foot in mouth” disease runs rampant with all its consequences.

Cardinal T-Square. This configuration was introduced to you in the Winter Outlook. A quick recap:

Pluto in Capricorn reflects the economic downturn.  Saturn and Uranus in opposition ask for carefully considered progress. Another way it can play out: sudden and dramatic activities (Uranus) can change our structures (Saturn), causing us to have to rebuild. Often we are building on firmer ground. Some of the earthquake activity in Chile and Haiti and other places around the globe are literally part of this process, as well as shake-ups in many other societal structures from marriage to medical care. For those of you who are open to channeled material, I like what Steve Rother says in this Beacons of Light video: The Earth is having labor pains. We are in a process of rebirth on Planet Earth, and how it plays out is largely up to us—how we react and contribute to changes and how we respond when they are thrust upon us unexpectedly.

Knowing that we humans don’t always change easily, astrologers have joined forces to create an informational blog event, starting March 19.  It’s part of the 1st International Astrology Day. The blog round up includes a permanent collection of articles to help people navigate these fast-changing times.  I recommend that you save this link and learn from the treasure trove of material that will be housed on it. These articles from astrologers around the world will help us all deal with rapid evolution: The Cardinal T-Square of 2010.

Your Spring Outlook

Here’s what’s Up for your sign this season:

Aries, the Ram (March 20 – April 18)Early Rams will continue to undergo a process of rebirth for the next several years. Aries is the sign that loves to dash forward, so this may be easier for you than some of the more change-resistant signs.  Relationship issues are still up for review, but other aspects of life move on. Mars Direct is in extra-friendly aspect toward getting more minor projects going while you rethink the bigger ones during Mercury Retro (Apr.17 – May 11).

Mid-sign Rams get a nice visit from Venus to their sector of Aries during the first week of spring. Love, money, and partnerships are primary topics. You’ll exude warmth to others, and with your charm astrologically enhanced, the good things in life more easily come your way. Leverage this short turn for longer-lasting benefits.

Later-sign Rams: You’re under the influence of Neptune and Chiron whose topics are dreams, spirituality, soulful creativity, and healing. You can take advantage of a window this season to pull creative ideas and solutions out of thin air. Those breakthroughs may bring surprising keys to unlock long-standing stuck energy or hurts that you couldn’t resolve. Now’s your chance!

Watchwords for all Aries this Spring: Spring is your season! Happy Birthday!

Taurus, the Bull (April 19 – May 19).  Early Bulls are likely to be most affected by the upcoming Mercury Retrograde as Mercury “Moonwalks” through your segment of the zodiac. Mercury Retro wants you to do lots of re- things: rethink, reconsider, relax. The Taurus-born are often slow moving, so do what you do best and take it easy from April 17 - May 11. Avoid raucous birthday celebrations for more laid-back or luxurious ones, like a spa day. If your birthday is April 19-25, Saturn may be slowing you down, too, asking for adjustments especially in the area of relationships.

Mid-sign Taureans start spring with a kiss from Jupiter and the opportunity for good luck or “happystance.” Be on the lookout for blessings through late April that may be disguised.  Put in the effort to open the gift.

Late-sign Bulls continue an influence from both Chiron and Neptune that could leave you feeling both confused and remembering pains from the past. Good news: Uranus in friendly aspect offers lightning bolts of insights that clear away the confusion and show you where you can work on your own healing. Focus on facing any past traumas that need to be released for your greater growth.  By midlife, most of us are onto this truth: Pain swept under the rug just piles up and is worse to clean up, the longer it’s neglected.

Watch Words for Tauruses this Spring: Happy Birthday, Bulls—let birthday blessings in and propose a toast to wholeness and happiness.

Gemini, the Twins (May 20-June 20).  Early Gems continue to enjoy a positive influence from Saturn.  If there’s anything you need “out of” in favor of a new relationship, job, or any other life structure that’s sounder, this spring is the easiest time to make your move. However, avoid April 17 – May 11 and the Mercury Retro window for changes of major significance. (A good rule of thumb: if it’s high on the Stress Scale, wait till Mercury goes forward. Some of these life events aren’t under your control. This applies to those that are, such as marriage, separation, divorce or retirement.) The spring season itself, the forward movement of Mars, and Saturn’s hug for encouragement—all combine for a smooth move.

Mid-Gems: You have a pleasant Venus aspect during the first week of spring, the kind that says apply yourself and you’ll get the goodies! Venus rules relationships, money, and matters of justice, art, and peace. However, at the same time, Jupiter squares your Sun—so, be careful when it comes to anything too risky. The big picture takes in all astrological conditions, and I’d avoid anything speculative till mid-April, including new investments or gambling, unless you like to throw away money.

Late Gemini: Uranus is squaring your Sun, an energy that’s highly hype-ing. Your nature is mentally excitable, and the sheer intensity of this energy may keep you up at night and reaching for sleep aids.  Careful! It’s too easy to get hooked on zzz assistance.  Look for gentler, herbal or homeopathic alternatives, if this cycle affects you that way. This is also an aspect of intense creativity. You are channeling genius right now.  Be sure you get enough rest, meditation, and times of being off-line mentally, or you’ll burn out your circuits. Chiron and Neptune’s friendly aspect can help tone down the worst of feeling as if you’re drinking triple cappuccinos. Instead, it may bring out more insights and personal fulfillment. Issues of freedom and feeling your own uniqueness are part of the package. Out of this highly charged time, you might even discover your truest vocation and begin giving your greatest gifts.

Watchwords for Geminis this Spring: Change is in the air. Ground yourself for a good ride! Blessings and Happy to the final sign in the trio of spring birthdays.

Cancer, the Crab or Moon Child (June 21 – July 21).  Early Cancers continue the influences of Saturn and Pluto, detailed in the Winter 2009 Forecast. While both these planets are retrograde, you’re likely to get a breather from challenges in relationship and constant changes outside your control. Take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned so far—to ponder and surrender to how higher forces are asking you to evolve. Plan plenty of fun! Early Cancers are in a rapid growth curriculum. To manage it well requires a sense of humor and an oasis of play. The outcome is rebirth—and birth is a specialty of the nurturing, creative Cancer.

Mid-sign may experience some relationship blips around Spring Equinox. They’re temporary. You have a lovely Jupiter aspect to counterbalance any hiccups, bringing a sense of optimism—possibly long-distance travel, as well as higher learning, expansion, and good fortune.

Later Cancers continue to experience the lighting bolts, jolts, and breakthrough insights of Uranus. Your friendly aspect with this progressive planet has you not just thinking out of the box; you’re probably shocking those you love and seem “not yourself” for your new way of seeing things. You’re growing.  Be sensitive to their concern you might outgrow them. Chiron and Neptune influence those whose birthdays June 17-21, asking you to make adjustments that involve intuition, the arts, healing, and vocation. Watch your dreams for instructions on where you need to tweak your course to find fulfillment.

Spring watchwords for Cancer: “To everything there is a season.” Planting seeds eventually leads to full bloom!

Leo (July 22 – August 21 ).  Lucky early Leos: At Spring Equinox, newly direct Mars touches your Sun with a flurry of activity, go-getter spirit, and probably makes you seem even sexier than usual. Remember to downshift during the Mercury Retrograde period so you don’t collide with something or someone in your rush forward. Birthdays from July 22-25 are getting a nudge from Pluto to make some changes in how you “come on.” If you’re one of those King or Queen of the Jungle Leos who tend to throw their royal weight around, it’s a good time to restructure how you reign. Most people aren’t fond of being subjects, and this might be your chance to try out being a benevolent president in a democracy. Use your Leo generosity of spirit to make the transition.

Mid-Leos get a kiss from Venus right around the Equinox, a little boost in your love life and time where partnerships of all kinds run smoothly. Jupiter may bring unexpected changes or inconveniences around the same time—possibly lots of overdo and overwhelm. Things just don’t seem like they’re in sync or working for you. It’s very temporary and won’t last but a week or two. These are just annoyances compared to the boost in your relationship life.

Late Leos continue an influence from Neptune and Chiron that carries over from winter. Boundaries and healing issues continue to pull at your psyche. Known for your generous nature, it may be time to ask yourself, Do I give too much?  If the answer is maybe or yes, time to look at where this tendency comes from, what you get out of it, and why you might want to put it in better balance.

Watchwords for Leos this spring: How do I shine? How do I give to, influence, and relate to others?

Virgo (August 22 – September 21).  Early Virgos continue to advance willingly toward deep changes with Pluto in friendly aspect.  Late spring will be your turn to get energized by Mars! You’ll want to get physical in terms of increased activities of all kinds. You’ll be sprinkled with the astro-equivalent of irresistible pheromones. Since both Pluto and Mars are connected with sexuality, be careful out there! With Pluto retrograde, the wolves may not be easily identifiable. Use your Virgo discrimination skills.

Mid-sign: You’re moving into a holding pattern where you can coast a little.  Around Spring Equinox, avoid major risks.  It’s a short spell of a couple weeks.  No need to hide under the covers and refuse to get out of bed, but it’s not the perfect time for expanding into new things.  I know how hard it is for you, but back to coasting—here’s your chance to learn to be, not do. This is a skill few Virgos have mastered but need to learn in a big way.

For late Virgos, Uranus opposes your Sun—a time when anything can happen and probably will.  (Boomers: Remember the Mousketeer’s Anything Can Happen Day? That’s every day for the time being.) “A caution: People can tend to be more accident-prone during this transit, so take extra care when using equipment, driving, and so on. I call our sign Worrygo. (Yes, I’m one of you!).  The worse thing you can do is whip up that Worrygo energy and make it worse. Negative thinking draws negative experience. Be aware that you may act more erratically. More care, less angst. Also, this transit can rejuvenate, reveal, and give you explosions of insights and breakthroughs. You will be acutely aware of your need for independence and confining things in your life from which you want to break free.

Spring watchwords for Virgos: Change can be exciting—exhilarating!

Libra, The Scales (September 22 – October 22).  Saturn and Pluto continue to reorganize, refine, and renew first-week Libras, as described in the Winter Outlook. Grounding is a big issue. As an Air Sign, Libra can be tossed by the winds of change, and you’re living in gusty times.  Your Libran Scales may feel like they have more ups and downs than a teeter-totter. Do earthy things—garden, work out, or make out! Get a massage.  Physicality of all kinds will help you deal with reorienting your relationships to make them more solid. A cycle of personal evolution leads to rebirth—right in season during spring! The week following the Equinox, a burst of energy from Mars will give you the juice to make some of those changes that are nagging to go from thought to action.

Mid-sign: A short spurt of Venus opposite your Sun around the Equinox may cause some relationship ruffles. It’s temporary—over by the end of March. Postpone long-distance travel and riskier ventures till April 4 or later when Jupiter is more benevolent. Mercury Retrograde (April 17-May 11) affects short trips, rather than long ones, but you still may experience the communications and booking snafus that make Mercury Retrograde infamous. Double and triple check reservations and directions.  In late spring, just before Summer Solstice, you’ll be mentally energized and ready for trips to the beach and other short jaunts.

Later Libras: You remain under the positive influence of Neptune and Chiron, a continuing trend from your Winter Outlook.  This is your opportunity to look for signs. It’s no “coincidence” when a topic, issue, or situation appears three times in a row.  What is the universe trying to tell you? Your intuition is hot, and it will lead you to healing wholeness.  Turn up the volume on those inner voices! The potential for breakthrough insights is even hotter for those born in the last five days of Libra, as Uranus is bringing lightning bolts of wisdom down to earth for you to see where you need to make adjustments in your life. Think of Uranus as a cosmic chiropractor.

Spring watchwords for Libras: Be a willow to the winds of change, and listen to the cosmic whispers on the wind!

Scorpio, the Scorpion  (October 23 – November 21).  Early Scorpios remain under the wing of sign ruler Pluto. You have continued opportunities to transform yourself from the inside out. It takes your active participation, but the results are worth it!

Mid-Scorps: From mid-April through mid-May, you’ll experience Mars square your Sun, possibly making you more snarky and combative than usual. Be watchful that your Scorpion stinger doesn’t fatally wound someone you really love. It can also enhance poor relationship choices based solely on sexual attraction. This aspect, though temporary, also can make you more prone to accidents with sharp objects besides your own tongue! Take care in the kitchen. Out in the world, put safety first, too. Jupiter can bring good fortune and blessings to you for most of spring; however, this planet’s tendency to exaggerate everything can make those blow-ups bigger and the consequences worse if you’re not proactive in your temper control.  Remember the old “count to 10.”

Later sign: Your sector of Scorpio is being nudged by the planets Neptune and Chiron. They’re nagging you to deal with ancient emotional injuries and to cut through the crust of protection you have created to armor your sensitive spots. This would be a great time to seek counseling, the advice of an astrologer, or to use any tool that helps you explore your psyche and spirit. You’ll be glad you did. Saturn’s retrograde dip in late March through Summer Solstice gives you the opportunity to put the finishing touches on areas of your life where you want to take more responsibility or make changes. You review, you mull it over, and by summer, you’re ready to move ahead.

Words for Scorpio this spring: Whether you’re smarting from past hurts or working to minimize inflicting them on others, it’s time to reflect on your Scorpion stinger. It’s a sword to protect you, and you don’t have to use it if you tackle your own healing and shoring up your underlying vulnerabilities.

Sagittarius, the Archer (November 22 – December 20).  Most Sagges have great senses of humor, being ruled by Jupiter and its association with fun and laughter. Usually, you are even willing to poke fun at your coordination issues. The most Sagittarian moment of this ilk ever caught on celluloid is Dick Van Dyke tripping over the ottoman on his old TV show. (Yes, Dick is actually a Sag!) Combine this with your love of athleticism, and you need the occasional body armor, especially when Mars is in such a nice flow with your sign all spring.  Even though it’s an overall wonderful aspect, it has you more physical than ever, so stay alert and keep the first aid kit handy, just in case. This aspect also arouses passion and your go-getter spirit. Don’t stub your toe while on the run.

Mid-sign: Jupiter, your sign ruler, is temporarily bringing good fortune to some of the other signs.  This lasts till the third week of April and suggests that anything risky be postponed. With Mercury Retrograde from mid-April to May, avoid chances. Especially avoid going forward in higher education, long-distance travel, publishing, or religious/spiritual matters.  Late May will be the merrier month!

Late sign: In June, just before spring turns summer, you’ll get a kiss from Jupiter with all his blessings.  But I get ahead of myself.  Meanwhile, Uranus squares your Sun. You have this in common with late Gemini. (Read their outlook, above.) Buzzy, inspired, hyper, erratic, originality, brainstorms, the unexpected, and tolerance are among your potpourri of key words. The universe is stirring the pot of your persona for rapid change.

Spring words for Sagittarius: Be cautiously optimistic with the emphasis on cautious. All sectors of the sign have the yellow caution light in one area or another—just a reminder to slow down and look before you cross the street to the next adventure.

Capricorn, the Goat (December 21 – January 18).  You’re getting many opportunities to understand why astrologers roll their eyes over the demotion of Pluto from planetary status by astronomers. Pluto remains the strongest force for change in an astrology chart, especially in yours now, as it continues to inform Capricorns about issues of power, sexuality, and the life-death-rebirth process. When it comes to power, abuse it and lose it. Share it and wear it. In the next several years, you’ll know you’ve passed your Pluto test if you can sit squarely in your own authority while encouraging others to do the same.  Imagine that mighty vortex of empowered people and the mountains you could move with that kind of combined energy! With Saturn also asking you to readjust how you relate, this can be an extreme makeover that morphs you into an awe-inspiring leader.

Mid-sign: Don’t take early spring relationship blips too seriously. They’ll go out with March, and you can focus on a peck on the cheek from Jupiter instead.  Blessings and good luck won’t occur, though, unless you lean into that tepid kiss and heat things up a bit! You have to buy a lotto ticket to win, ask someone out to start a relationship, and use your inner rudder to be at the right place at the right time. You get the idea. The Millionaire is an old TV show.  No one will show up at your doorstep with a check for a cool “K.”  Do your part and you’ll enjoy an exciting spring!

Late Caps: Insights and restless urges abound, and you should take advantage of their positive allure.  Re-invent yourself. Take the time and tinker with self-help tools. Whatever part of you and your place in the Sun needs a booster shot of cosmic inspiration or a jump-start, look for opportunities to make it so this spring.

Spring words for Capricorns:  Good thing you’re a sign that loves work, because this season calls for some spring-cleaning in your lives that won’t just get rid of the cobwebs; you’ll get good energy flow on your larger journey through life for your efforts.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer (January 19 – February 17).  As the sap rises in the trees in early spring, early Aquarians are champing at the bit to take off in all directions—but hold your horses.  Mars opposite your Sun challenges you to a duel about get up ‘n’ go.  Mars rules sharp objects, altercations, and tempers. Doesn’t sound like a great aspect for rushing forth into spring. You’d be better off to wind up slowly into the planting season and leave major start-ups to mid-May, after Mars has past its opposition and Mercury goes direct.  Let your impulses warm up for what’s next. Think of it as shifting gears.  Late March is 1st gear, April is 2nd, and by mid-May, you can hit 3rd gear and your stride, ultimately shifting into a comfy overdrive if you need to fly high.

Mid-sign: Spring arrives with romance in the air for your sector of the “Aquarium.” Seize a short window to take a chance on love. This week of Venus smiling is also good for financial blessings and partnerships in general. It’s short and sweet.  Use it well!

Later sign: You’re energized by Neptune and Chiron in your Sun sign. Chiron leaves Aquarius on April 20. It’s your last chance to access healing in a way that won’t be available again in this lifetime if you’re a typical mid-life reader.  If you’ve got any core issues that need healing attention, seize the final weeks of Chiron in Aquarius.  Special to late Aquarii who are 50 or thereabouts—you’re having your Chiron Return and the internal blockages that trip you up are begging to be resolved. The Chiron Return is a major midlife transit that has you examining what’s missing in your life—and filing the holes. Often, what you’ve never been able to manifest before is now accessible, whether the right relationship or your true vocation. Neptune brings the addiction-to-spirituality continuum to the healing fest, especially if you’re having trouble with finding your connection to All That Is. Jolts of healing are yours, if you don’t mind a little shock for a lot of rock into a new era of your life. Saturn calls you to readjust and realign for a new Aquari-design.

Spring words for Aquarians: Stop and take stock to go forward in a whole new way.

Pisces, the Fish (February 18 – March 19) The most notable news for Early Fish is Chiron’s movement into your sign on April 20. This happens just after Mercury goes retrograde, a good time to slow down and consider where the great healer Chiron can help make you whole. What aspects of your life need band-aids or maybe even major surgery? If you happened to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief, I hope you enjoyed Pierce Brosnan’s rendition of mythical Chiron—and my linked movie review, if you read it. The centaur planet Chiron was only discovered in 1977, named after the very same half-man/half-horse. I believe the Chiron archetype is the most important key to fulfillment astrologers have gotten to date. Last time Chiron was in your sign in the 1960s, the integration of opposites was high on the agenda—black/white relationships, male/female relationships (feminism), allopathic/alternative “natural” healing (AMA type medicine versus herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.) Chiron challenges you, through your own pain, to integrate yourself and come into integrity—the whole of who you are. Pluto cheers you on.  Saturn makes you uncomfortable enough to make the needed transitions. The ultimate goal of being Chironized is to turn lemons into lemonade, your pains into gifts, and in the process, to uncover your unique ways of serving others.

Mid-sign: You spring into the seeding season with Jupiter in your sector of Pisces, bringing a sense of invincibility and feeling larger than life. On that note? Jupiter transits are about over-do, and if you have one of those mid-life middles, a bit of a spare tire that you don’t want to pump up into something that belongs on a semi, be careful about what you eat. That goes for drinking, buying, and all the other excesses to which Jupiter makes us prone.  Yes, the Santa Claus of all planets can bring us all kinds of good fortune, but be prepared for the consequences if you go whole hog.

Later Pisces: Your members of the School of Fish feel like electric eels these days with Uranus coursing its wild ‘n’ wacky energy through you. Life is like an Elton John concert. He’s wearing his most outlandish get-up and you’re rockin’ out with all kinds of people and blending into an ecstatic, hyped frenzy. OK, enough of the metaphors you might consider far-out and ask, “Where do I sign up?” You’ve also got some of the challenges of the other signs that are also having Uranus transits—erratic behavior, all shook up (hyped), mentally exhausted with ideas and visions that won’t let up. Consider calming the wake of this exciting time with herbal teas, flower essences, and plenty of rest. Take it easy especially, during the month before your birthday when you’re most vulnerable to energy strain.  Write down or otherwise record all your great ideas. There are so many, you can’t act on all of them now. There will be other times of more grounded energy, when the seed idea planted in your overactive “mind garden” this spring will take better root.

Words for Pisces this spring:  Fish are in the swim of major changes with all the excitement and discovery that brings.

See you at Summer Solstice for our next show at the Planetarium! 


Joyce Mason has been an astrologer for 22 years and a writer ever since she could hold a pencil. Learn more about Joyce, her two blogs, and her library of articles on topics from A to Zzz (astrology to dreamwork) on her Writer Joyce Mason website. 

Want to learn more about your sign? Joyce recommends her High Signs: Living on the Upside of the Zodiac series: #1 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer); #2 (Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio); and #3 (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). E-mail her for information about personal readings and other services:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Resolutions a Dim Memory? Getting Back on the Fast Track

By Pat Barone, CPCC, PCC
"America's Weight Loss Catalyst"

For many of us, our New Year's Resolutions have faded in the dust as we have beat feet into a new year of stress and activity.

No worries.  Feeling guilty or blaming the demise of a resolution does us no good.  In fact, it does provide the perfect time to re-assess them. 

We know most resolutions fail but the figures are actually staggering.  A whopping 75% of all resolutions find life's recycle bin by January 31st!

The University of Washington conducted a study of resolutions and found one very distinct difference about the 25% who kept their goals alive.

No, they did not have more money to hire help.  And their goals weren't easier.

The difference was … time!

The average achiever in the study took a full three weeks to plan their approach to their goals, doing research, preparing their lives and creating a support network.

Imagine… taking more time, not less.  Sounds remarkably similar to my rants about the slow approach to permanent weight loss!

The study also found that, among those who abandoned their resolutions, the decision to adopt a resolution was relatively quick – sometimes even a spur of the moment decision on Jan. 31st – and often in response to guilty feelings about their indulgences during the holidays. 

No preparation or thought process was followed.  These resolution makers also often made the same resolution, year after year, with just as little careful consideration.

If this approach describes you, or if you don't make resolutions but do want to achieve a particular goal, now is the perfect time to begin the process.

After all, we're past the post-holiday blues.  We're coming out of the deepest part of winter (January) and we've turned the corner to spring.  The disruption of the holidays is in the past.  The Christmas lights and Hanukkah decorations are packed away.

So, in order to make your resolution a fact this year, SLOW WAY DOWN!  Take a full three weeks to thoroughly think through and design a plan to achieve that important goal.

Here are some steps that will lead to success:

1.        Decide what to discard – Take a good look at past attempts at attaining the goal.  What got in your way?  No matter what that is, clear it out of your life.  It may be your own excuses, some bad influences, or a cabinet full of cookies. 

2.       Specify the goal - Emphasis here is on the word "specify."  You want to be very specific about your goal.  "I want to lose weight" is indefinite.  "I want to weigh 150 lbs. by Thanksgiving" is specific. 

3.        Know your personal "why" – Knowing why you want to achieve something is very important.  It needs to have real feeling and juice behind it.  "Because I want to wear a size 10" isn't juicy, sexy or emotional.  And it ain't going to happen either.  Your "why" becomes your prime motivator so make it something that is deeply meaningful to you.  When I was losing weight, I was very clear about my feelings for my son and I wanted him to grow up with a healthy mother.  My own father was an alcoholic and my mother was an eater.  I had spent my own childhood deeply ashamed of my parents.  I felt passionate about my son and I was determined that he have a different experience than I had.  Once I located that great well of feeling inside me, it was easy to access that feeling for motivation whenever I needed it.

4.       Go backwards from the goal to get action steps – Always start making your plan with the goal first and move backwards from it, designing the steps to reach the end you want.  If your goal is to change jobs, it might be easy to just start sending out resumes.  But, if you start with the goal and fully describe it (getting specific!), you'll find a different path to that goal.  For instance, if your goal is a "challenging research position with a biochemistry company", your first step BACK from that goal might be "meeting with people who hire within biochemistry companies."  Then, the next one might be "identifying companies I'd like to work for."  You can see that the steps will look different.

5.       Design a plan – This includes research, preparation, scheduling, coordinating and tracking your efforts for accountability.  Don't forget to include a communication step – make sure KEY people in your life know your plans.  Certain family members and friends can be called on for support or be aware they need to give you the space to execute your plan but, first, they need to be privy to your plan.

6.       Execute - Execution begins only after you've spent substantial time ironing out all the details and you're fully prepared, physical and mentally, to proceed.

Again, slow down, and take your time.  One of the added lessons I learned while losing over 70 lbs (and then sustaining that weight loss for the last ten years), was that I realized most of life is pretty much like weight loss:  if you go too fast or want instant results, you get no where.

Any goal that is meaningful to you is worth the investment of your time and resources.  For big results, always give a serious effort!

Pat Barone earned her title "America's Weight Loss Catalyst" by coaching thousands of clients toward permanent weight loss.  Her status as an expert is heightened by her own personal weight loss success.  She regularly busts diet myths in her free newsletter "The Catalyst", available at and she blogs at

Monday, March 1, 2010

What Can I do to Heal My Dry, Winter Skin?

by Candy Dye

Even though the Groundhog has seen his shadow, parts of the country are up to their roofs in snow!  Believe it or not, spring IS just around the corner, but tell that to our skin, right?  What are the signs of dry, wintery skin and what you can do to help heal and moisturize……. 

Symptoms of Dry Skin
  • Skin tightness 
  • Skin appears dull and less supple
  • Rough skin 
  • Scaling, Flaking, or peeling skin
  • Cracking that may bleed if severe 
  • Itching 
  • Redness 

For many, the winter months bring dry, itchy, tight feel­ing skin that lacks the glowing, youthful appearance seen in warmer months. Why? As the temperature drops, our skin is bombarded with forces that cause dryness and leave it feeling and looking a bit lackluster. Central heat­ing reduces indoor humidity, while outside cold, dry, windy weather strips skin of its moisture. Often the worst dam­age is caused when the harsh glare of winter sun off of snow and ice increases exposure to harmful UV radiation. While the combined effects of indoor and outdoor condi­tions may just leave some skin in need of a little extra TLC, for others the effects can be as severe as cracking, flaking, and even eczema. Following a few simple suggestions, however, makes it easy to maintain healthy, glowing skin even when winter throws its worst at us! 

Common Causes of Dry Skin 

  • Dry air from central heating 
  • Hot water; frequent bathing 
  • Harsh surfactants; cleansers 
  • Not enough moisturizer 
  • Harsh weather 
  • Sun exposure 
  • Age; genetic conditions
Dry skin is easily aggravated – once the natural barrier layer is dis­rupted, more substances are likely to cause skin damage or irritation. Avoid the discomfort of tight, dry, flaky skin this winter by making some small changes to your routine that prevent damage; keep your skin healthier all winter long.

What causes dry skin? The stratum corneum is a layer of skin cells and natural oils that resides on the outermost portion of the epidermis. This layer forms a pro­tective hydro-lipid barrier system to both prevent moisture loss through evapo­ration while protecting against invasion from foreign substances (such as bacte­ria). When the stratum corneum is disrupted, the skin is not capable of retaining the moisture levels necessary for proper skin function; breaks in this protective outer layer make skin more susceptible to irritation and infection. So what can disrupt the stratum corneum and natural hydrolipid barrier? Common culprits include soaps with harsh surfactants, using hot water to bathe, and harsh envi­ronmental conditions that stress skin and strip it of its natural oils. Skin dryness can also be genetic, and tends to become more severe as we age.
Cleanse gently! Mild cleansers and warm water are the key! A long, hot shower or bath definitely feels great at the end of a cold day outside. Unfortunately, hot water and harsh surfactants are highly effective at breaking down the natural hydrolipid layer that protects skin. Without this layer, skin is less capable of retaining moisture and more susceptible to irritation and damage. To avoid drying out skin choose a gentle cleanser (such as Celloxylin Creme Cleanse), use warm water, and keep showers short and sweet! To achieve the best results, continue your skin care regimen immediate­ly after cleansing to lock in moisture absorbed during rinsing!
Moisturize more often! Cold, windy weather outside and dry, heated air inside suck moisture from skin during the winter months. As soon as the heater goes on, you should consider making small changes to your skin care routine that help maintain healthy skin moisture levels. First, apply moisturizer more often if your skin is feeling dry and tight. This applied to your face and your body, es­pecially areas that are prone to dryness like the hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Moisturizers should always be applied when skin is still damp to help seal in moisture, and seek out products with powerful humectant ingredients (such as Hyaluronic Acid and Tremella Fuci­formis in the Nutrient Reservoir) to help your skin draw in and retain moisture.
Be diligent about your sun protection! Clouds and shorter days don’t mean it’s time to ditch your sunscreen. Not only do we experience UV exposure from above, snow and ice provide the per­fect surface for reflecting UV rays up onto our skin from the ground. UV damage only worsens the effects of harsh weather conditions and dry air. A sunscreen that provided superior moisturization dur­ing this time of year is essential if you want to avoid the compounded effects of sun damage and dry skin! Apply a moisturizer with broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection every time you go outside.
Exfoliate! Exfoliation will help clear away dead, dry skin cells that build up during the winter, making skin underneath more recep­tive to the benefits of moisturizing products. Remember – don’t over exfoliate! When used too frequently, exfoliating products begin to strip away and damage healthy skin cells at the surface; resources from deeper skin layers are then necessary to help in the repair and regeneration processes. Depending on your skin type, 1 to 3 times per week is enough to promote healthy skin cell turnover and get the most out of your moisturizer!
Invest in a humidifier! No, it’s not a part of the Apriori Beauty product lineup, but this simple piece of equipment can help return moisture to the air in your home or office, decreasing the drying effects of central heating. If you don’t have a humidifier, boiling water can also serve to return moisture to the air.
Don’t forget your lips! The skin on your lips is unique from other areas because it doesn’t produce sebum.  Harsh conditions during the winter, therefore, mean your lips are even more susceptible to dryness and chapping.  To ensure soft supple lips all winter long, be sure to use a moisturizer designed specifically for the delicate lip area, such as Celloxylin Eye + Lip Age Eraser from Apriori Beauty.  Another tip for getting silky smooth lips:  Gently scrub your lips with Celloxylin Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub before applying Eye + Lip Age Eraser.  The soothing beet sugar crystals will help remove dry, flaking skin, while reducing inflammation!  Carry around a 30 day sized Eye + Lip Age Eraser as a fantastic substitute for less effective lip balm.

Candy Dye loves everything about wellness and beauty which has brought her to Apriori Beauty!

Because the condition of your skin is a result of what is going on inside of your body, the science of Nutrigenomics - the effects of specific nutrients on your cells and genes, which can prevent degenerative diseases - is being embraced by both the scientific research world and skin care products industry.

This is the science upon which Apriori Beauty products are founded. "Apriori Beauty's mission is to help women look and feel beautiful with the purest, most-natural and most-innovative products and opportunity. When you look beautiful, you feel good. When you feel beautiful, you look good. And, when you can share this beauty with others, you can feel good inside and out. Beauty from personal success will also be key to success."

A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, she also currently teaches in University of California Irvine's Nursing Program. Candy also shares health, wellness and beauty tips on her blog ( ) and on twitter (@candydye). This week she was listed as one of the Top 25 Nurse Practitioners on Twitter. WAY TO GO CANDY!!